Evan.s Quiet Book

 While my daughter was expecting our first grandchild, I set the goal of making a quiet book.  My friend, Leigh, heard of the project and suggested we do one together.  Her creative daughter Jennifer joined in, and the three of us came up with 14 pages.  This project later turned into a class which we offered to the ladies at our church.  I made a few more pages and divided them between two books.  We were challenged but had fun, too! 

The cover was made from felt sold on the bolt (it's sturdier than the sheets).  The closure is a magnetic purse finding. The tag is painted wood, embellished with craft paper, and adhered with mod podge.  The owner information can be written on the backside.

The book didn't originate with a set plan, so not every page worked out as far as left right orientation goes.  The pocket opposite the shoe contains the felt dress-up pieces for the snowman on the following page.

Here's the undressed snowman. His face, arms and buttons are painted on with acrylic paint using a stylus.  I added this page as an "extra", and the moms have reported that it has been one of their children's favorites.  There are snowflake buttons sewn onto the background fabric.  The mitten has felt buttons.

When you unzip the tee-pee, inside there is a little campfire sewn to the page.  There are feathers sewn in the top to resemble smoke (What a great idea, Leigh!). The train wheels attach with over-sized snap closures, and the little bell really works!

I wish I had taken a picture of the treasure chest opened so that you could see the gems sewn on the inside.  There are a couple of large gold coins inside as well which can be taken out.  The rocket has a monkey applique attached to a bit of middy braid so that he doesn't get lost when he leaves the ship!

The shapes are a matching game which are attached with velcro.  They can fit into the pocket below.

The mailbox flag is cut from a plastic binder and secured with a jeans rivet.  The door is secured by a small magnetic closure used for purses.

I love the fabric behind the ark. Doesn't it look like rain? The ark contains little flat felt animals.  On the counting page, the beads are strung on strips of tulle.  Clever idea by Jennifer!
The dog's collar is made from two layers of grosgrain ribbon sewn together.  The buckle is a purse finding, and the ring is a jewelry finding.  The strips for the weaving page are cut from backed vinyl.  Even if a child can't weave, the strips are still fun to play with!


  1. Do you have the pattern for this? Thank you

  2. Do you have the pattern for this? Thank you

    1. Sorry! This is an inactive blog. I only have the pattern for a few pages. But I do have some templates you could use and look at these photos as a guide.